Join us on a tour of some of the features

the screener

The Screener is one of the most important pillars of Sai Mala; all invitation requests are screened here by our team of volunteers and moderators.

When devotees tell us about their journey with Baba, how the work has impacted them and why they would wish to be part of the community, we can immediately assess if they align with our goals and values.

It is all about Transformation, Devotion, Love, Service, and Surrender. Not about miracles, sly self-promotion or business networking. All that will never be tolerated or encouraged. Besides, our moderators continuously monitor the community to ensure that the forum stays sacred.

MAlas & Beads


Each devotee is unique, having specific likes and interests. You can find and follow topics that will engage you.

We also have sub-groups called Malas, which bring devotees together based on a particular activity, seva or a Speaker.

This helps you connect with like-minded devotees (beads) through discussion threads to collaborate and come together in a conscious and meaningful way.


Devotees share their experiences, thoughts and reflections, while we add exclusive videos, some first cuts, behind-the-scenes material, so that there is a flow of continuous inspiration around the conversations. 

We present some of the best questions from the community to our Speakers and have them addressed as special podcasts.


Each Speaker has their own Mala, where we post content, Satsangs and talks, which their followers may find helpful on their path.

on the go

Sai Mala is your mala on the go, which means, we have an Android app & iOS app. You can stay connected from all your devices.


It just literally takes two minutes to set up and you're good to go. With your privacy being most important, you have complete control over the notifications you wish to receive, and who you wish to hear from.

speaker meets

We feature exclusive live stream events with some of our Speakers, where devotees can connect with them over Zoom meet events, have queries answered, and express their love and gratitude.

seva together

Devotees can now come together to do Seva of any kind, be it Annadaan, helping the underprivileged or differently abled, animal welfare, or even share a pioneering idea and if it gains traction within the community, we connect them with Patrons and supporters.

From Sai Mala these projects then move into Basecamp, where devotees have all the tools to collaborate and get their work done, whether it is one-time or ongoing. 


There will be no excuses anymore, and it's a 100 percent transparent and independent system. It doesn't matter where you are located, if you can Live the Teaching of Baba in any way, the tools and resources are all here.


Where there is a will, there is a way.