Our Dear Sai Mala Family,
Over the last seven years, we have been working full time on the ‘Sai Baba’s Devotee Speaks’ platform, and by Baba’s grace and blessings it has become an important tool for many devotees on their spiritual journey. 
In the last few years, we intuitively sensed the urgency to work and put all our resources into filming, and archiving the most important discourses by Vinny Ma on Baba’s history. The journey was not an easy one - neither for Ma nor for us -  but it was the right one, and as a result her documented legacy will be a permanent record and archive for future generations. 
Similarly, today we find ourselves with another Herculean task ahead of us, that of archiving and creating a library of all of Baba’s important and authentic literary works, ensuring they are preserved and always made available to the future generations.
Considering this, we have decided to streamline our time and resources into this important project, and as a result we have decided to close down some of our other projects, including Sai Mala. 
There are some beautiful friendships that have formed here and some wonderful Satsang and posts that the community has shared, and we are certain that these friendships will continue to flower in our lives. 
In the above circumstances, we would be disabling the platform in a couple of weeks, on the 1st of May to be precise. 


We thank you for your understanding, love and support. 
Om Sai Ram,
All of us at Sai Baba’s Devotee Speaks.