'Sai Mala' is a small and private community of committed Devotees of Baba who have been impacted by the work at 'Sai Baba's Devotee Speaks' and are coming together to serve Baba and help spread the teachings.

Baba's children are scattered  all across the globe, so this is a platform where committed devotees come together only for one reason - to collaborate and serve Baba in ways that were not possible or imaginable earlier.

Whether it is Annadaan, helping spread the teachings, getting involved and supporting with our volunteering opportunities, this platform opens doors to possibilities for service.

If you'd like to be invited, please write to us, briefly telling us about yourself, how you have been impacted by the work, and in which way you are inspired to serve Baba.

After screening responses, we send out invites to a few select devotees who resonate with our cause and purpose. This process may take a few weeks.

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